The modern digital world is very rich in different types of content. This forces brands to compete for user engagement. Therefore, any marketing effort must quickly attract their attention to achieve the desired effect. However, the question arises: how to interest your target audience?
It has been proven that people respond better to visual elements than to plain text. That’s why video with a graphic image is a great way to stand out from other brands and get a higher position on different platforms.

What is animation graphics?

Moving graphics is a section of animation. In particular, it is a graphic design where design elements, objects, shapes, images and text are animated or set in motion.
“Motion graphics are fragments of animation or digital frames that create the illusion of movement or rotation and are usually combined with sound for use in multimedia projects.”
Although animation graphics are a form of animation, there is something else in the combination of graphics and text to purposefully present information to the viewer.

Why use it?

You can identify the following main reasons for using traffic graphics in your advertising campaign.

  • Attracting the viewer’s attention

A study conducted by Microsoft showed that the period of attention in humans is eight seconds. More importantly, it decreases by 88% annually.
This means that when your audience is online, they do not look at the content, but quickly scan it. If the content is uninteresting, they are more likely to move on or flip through. Graphics and interesting visual images have the power to attract attention in a fast-paced media space.

  • Creating a visual effect

People learn visually and memorize concepts and ideas more often with the help of diagrams, illustrations, graphics, etc. The power of moving graphics lies in visual presentation. The use of graphic elements and animation techniques makes it a popular means of transmitting your message in seconds and creates the impact you need.
The advantage of this type of video is that it enlivens static graphic designs and easily conveys information about your brand. Recent statistics show that people save 95% of the message while watching a video, compared to 10% when they read it in the text. This means that consumers are more likely to use, engage and store any information they find in short videos in publications, ad units and ads on social networks.

  • Transfer of complex ideas

A simple static picture or infographic cannot explain some ideas and concepts, and they often need to be simplified. With motion graphics, you can easily add fascination to static graphics with real-time animation, video, and audio.
According to research, people can process visual information in just 13 milliseconds. This speed processing is a continuous process where your eyes move from point to point about three times a second, sending information to the brain. This incredible biological reaction is the reason that visual communication is very effective.

  • Increasing user engagement

When graphics are used in publications, they not only attract attention, but also entertain your audience. This leads to better engagement and brand awareness. Recent research also confirms this, and according to Twitter, tweets with GIFs see 55% more attraction than those who do not.
Moving graphics are more attractive because they capture emotions. In fact, social video generates 12 times more shared messages than text and images combined, making it an ideal choice for posting ads, presentations, promotions, and more.

Where can I use traffic graphics?

It can be used for various purposes. Here are them below.

  • Information exchange

If you’re trying to get messages or information to your audience, moving graphics will help you do it easily and efficiently. With this method, you can turn your idea into animation by adding appropriate audio and other features to make the content more accessible and understandable to the audience.

  • Titles of movies and other videos

One of the most common uses of graphics is to create video titles. Before starting a movie or other video, the title is displayed using animated graphics. It is designed to impress the audience. The text is animated along with the background music, which is the usual style of the title page.

  • Logo graphics

Logos for your company, websites can be made more attractive by adding animation to them.

  • Post on social networks

Today, people depend on social networks for everything: news, information, entertainment, online courses and more. All this is published with different content. Adding animated graphics to this content helps attract more people to your posts.

  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a large field that includes social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and more. All of these online marketing methods use animated graphics for advertising and other purposes.
If you are an advertiser and want to improve your media performance and attract attention to your brand – feel free to use this type of content in your advertising campaigns. For example, the Phoenix Native platform recently introduced a new MP4 video advertising format. This allows you to experiment with creative things without just sticking to a static picture.

So, using mobile graphics in your advertising campaigns will help make your brand more attractive in the eyes of consumers, increase interest and stay ahead of the competition.