The Phoenix Native platform for publishers maximizes reader engagement and increases revenues

Smart Content Monetization

The Phoenix algorithm is geared to get you higher monetization. The system will allow you to increase the number of page views for interested users, and the amount of advertising that can be placed on each page. This way, you can earn more revenue from each visitor.

Page Depth Increase

The quality content and relevant links that the Phoenix algorithm system serves to users help to increase page depth, with a positive effect on session duration and increased visitor satisfaction. This manifests in lowered bounce rates and longer time on site.

Natural Traffic Growth

Additional traffic that fully meets the needs and interests of your visitors is generated thanks to relevant content. Phoenix helps increase your site’s visitor loyalty, by channelling to their chosen path, which is customized to your preferences as publisher.

Higher Customer Loyalty

The Phoenix Native algorithm allows users to achieve maximum satisfaction in a minimal amount of time, providing direct, one-click access to relevant information. The system reinforces customer loyalty by avoiding unnecessary links and aggressive monetization methods.