Phoenix advertisers get access to decision-making moments with effective, brand-enhancing content

What is Phoenix Native?

The Phoenix Native system is a unique online advertising platform, which ensures highly effective results and increased media performance indicators, such as click-through rates and conversions to sales.

Phoenix Native provides precise targeting and personalization of advertising to the particular user.

Phoenix Native is a results-based platform that allows you to increase revenues in the shortest time.

  • Location-based targeting.
  • Standard pay per click advertising.
  • Objective-based optimization (Click, Conversion).

Why Phoenix Widget?

Wide Audience coverage and access to a large collection of sites. The Phoenix Native system reaches millions of unique users through advertising on hundreds of websites across the globe devoted to various subjects, whether via portals that cover millions of users, as well as with sites dedicated to particular topics. This means that Phoenix can guarantee access to the relevant user segments. With Phoenix, you can advertise in many countries and monetize foreign traffic on top of your local traffic.

Precise Targeting. Phoenix Native creates a behavioural profile of each user based on their page and website visits. Thus, the system reaches only interested buyers who see only relevant advertisements. Products find their target audience in a single click.

User-friendly Interface. After registering in the system, advertisers are able to log into a personal account where they can track their campaign statistics in real-time. Phoenix Native allows advetrtisers to gain full control of the advertising campaign, and be up to date on what is working live.

Individual Approach. A Personal Account Manager will help our partners to develop a plan for their advertising campaign, answer all their questions and produce everything possible to ensure that their advertising and media publshing achieves the maximum results.